Accounting Services Customized for Non-Profit Businesses

Beyond core accounting work, our firm offers extended value as an accounting service provider for non-profit entities. We truly understand the challenges that you face— including higher risk of non-compliance and fraud; elevated cost in relation to maintaining full-time staff; and often a lack of accounting expertise with in-house bookkeepers to produce more complex, detailed statements and reports. At Mattingly Zsebe, PA, our team has extensive experience working with non-profits and has designed our services to help resolve common challenges faced in the non-profit arena.

We serve as your accounting department, so you and your staff are free from the hassles of many complex and time-intensive accounting tasks—allowing you to spend more time managing and growing your non-profit business. Consider all that we can offer you:

  • Accurate and timely financial statements, taking the burden off non-profit executives and allowing them to focus on core business. It also assures access to documentation required for an accurate, current view of finances at all times.

  • Elimination of HR issues that occur with in-house part- or full-time staff, including ineffectual reporting and fraud and compliance risks.

  • Significant reduction in operating costs in relation to hiring full-time staff to handle accounting duties. Outsourcing accounting to our firm offers as much as a 50% reduction in cost.

  • Significant increase in efficiency, offering a convenient 24/7 platform to work collaboratively with our accounting professionals and receive timely financial statements, reports, and other required documentation on-demand.

  • The assurance of working with expert accounting professionals who know the non-profit niche—offering the peace of mind that work will be handled by accounting experts that have extensive knowledge of non-profit requirements.

You are passionate about your non-profit organization's cause—and you need an accounting firm that not only shares your passion for your core mission, but also understands the nuances and complexities of accounting for non-profit entities. We are that firm—and we look forward to serving your cause with you!

Download our white paperThe Value of Outsourced Accounting for Non-Profits—to learn how outsourced accounting service can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and secure a current and clear picture of your non-profit's financial status.

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